Our Testimony

I spent some three months looking for an interior designer. Met with quite a few and took a while to decide on one because I really wanted someone whom I felt comfortable with and felt I could trust fully. Then I found Marcus…through a referral. I almost immediately felt very comfortable with Marcus, and he proved to be most trustworthy throughout the whole process! He genuinely wanted our place to be as nice as possible. At the same time, he was conscious that I had a budget to adhere to, and he was flexible and recommended some creative, yet practical solutions that worked within my budget. He was always attentive to my personal preferences. His goal was always to help me achieve the functionalities I wanted, as well as to provide me with an aesthetic and elegant home. He had great design ideas and proved to really be a thinking man with innovative solutions – he was able to provide innovative design concepts for a small space – which were aesthetic without compromising on practicality and which also reflected my personalities and preferences. Some ideas were indeed quite creative (but I can’t really adequately describe this in words; you have to talk to da man!). Marcus also helped by recommending to me some really great stuff (e.g. affordable but beautiful accessories and hanging-lights for our living room that suited the design concept, type of shades for our balcony, etc.) and one of his contributions was a simple but beautiful feature wall clock which has consistently garnished praise from every visitor! Not just form…. Marcus’ designs and recommendations were not all form, but were also of substance – I was impressed with the workmanship and the work was also completed in a timely fashion (way ahead of the schedule I expected actually!) – I had heard horror stories of how some renovations could extend way beyond the agreed time-frame and how there could be “hidden” costs – but none of that from Marcus! Peace of mind… I spent some three months looking for an interior designer – and having found Marcus, the ensuing three weeks (of renovation works) were a breeze! I even went away for a holiday, knowing that everything would be in order and in good hands – and I am sure that I will continue to enjoy our home for the next three years (at the least), having the peace of mind that it will continue to look and feel as new and beautiful as the day the renovations were completed! Thanks Marcus!

Mr P J

Having just completed my renovation of my condo unit in Nov 2009, I would like to recommend my ID Marcus Toh. We received our keys in July but can only view the place with Marcus end of Sep after the 7th lunar month and we need the renovation to be completed by first week of November. This time constraint was made known to Marcus and he was honest enough to comment that he will try his utmost to meet the timeline but not guaranteed. He kept up to his promise. He met us every week to go through the design and progress and the renovation work was carried out almost daily and he hand over the keys on the day we specified. This renovation experience has been a breeze as we do not need to monitor the work done as Marcus gave us constant updates and even MMS photos of completed areas. We have made known to him of our budget he managed to keep the cost within and most importantly no hidden cost as he will made known to us before hand and if we want to go ahead with certain touch up. I truly appreciate the after sale service as we needed some work to be done and he still coordinated for us. All in all we are very satisfied as this is our second renovation experience and compared to the first, this time round was truly excellent.

Eric & Fion

We are privileged to have engaged Marcus to be our interior designer. Throughout the whole renovation process, despite the very tight schedule, we did not have to worry much about the installations, furnishings and whatnot as Marcus and his contractors were very efficient in getting their jobs done right the first time and most importantly on time. We were certain that the house renovation would be in excellent hands from the start, therefore we let Marcus to make most of the decisions for us as he has exceptional skill in selecting the right matching colour tone and suitable materials for practical use. Marcus also came up with an idea that effectively divide our living and dining rooms with a partition that is artistic, practical and the white colour that just stood out. All our guests liked the design of the partition and the beautiful living room feature wall. His uncanny selection of the feature wall paper showed elegance and shimmer that perfectly matches my living room decor. Everyone that comes to my house is stunned by this feature wall as they never knew that such a beautiful wall can be found in a HDB flat. In addition, we are very glad that Marcus is our designer because he is also very meticulous in ensuring that the furnishings in our house are also able to match our renovation at the same time with exubering comfort and elegance. On the whole, we felt that Marcus has done a great and excellent job in revamping our house. We thank God for providing us with an experienced designer who transformed an old decrepit home into a beautiful, intriguing and comfortable home. Our home has become a wow-factor to many guests, they are amazed at the works. I can assuredly say that, we are happy to be owners of this well-embellished home. With such exceptional accolade, I am certain that Marcus will be blessed with more businesses this year, so that they can carry on with their great designs for other clients’ homes!

William, Agnes & Family

Marcus was recommended by a friend when I wanted to renovate my bathrooms. The results speaks for itself! The main focus was the 2 bathrooms and am very happy with the outcome. He was very patient, coordinated for all the necessary fixes and tried to accommodate all that within the  limited budget I had. If there was anything that requires decision, he will consult and patiently explain why its required before proceeding with it. Job well done!


Kudos to you and your team for making our home renovation a wonderful experience! We were truly surprised at how our bedroom, toilets and kitchen turned out to be when the reno was completed – we simply love the design and colour scheme. The tiles that you recommended for our toilets are gorgeous and the details that you had added made a lot of difference to the aesthetic. We appreciate the time you spent with us to choose the sanitary wares, lightings & tiles. For the record – our friends were astonished by the fine workmanship. Once again, thanks Marcus for making our humble flat a beautiful home handed over to us on schedule. Blessings

Vida & Stanley Yap

I am truly also blessed by your design flair and creativity in doing up my new house. Art has never been something I do well in – preferring to stick to the tried and tested most of the time. But right from the start, I have wanted something more personal and away from the norm that most of my peers are having. I was just having a talk with Qingyu one of the nights as we walked around the neighbourhood and we both felt that it has been a right decision to have you as our designer. I would never have envisioned the place to be the way it was but the feel and overall ambience was really something that we wanted. All kudos to you, Marcus I think in all our dealings together, we have been reflecting a character that God wanted us to possess in the marketplace. I trust and pray that God will continue to use you to impact many more families and will be inviting you soon to our new house once we have settled in. Cheers and once again, thanks for the very nice gesture for all the complimentary items. Really appreciated the finishing touches towards the end of this project.

Marcus Ang & Lena Guo

Pee Lay and myself will like to sincerely thank you for your outstanding design and renovation works for our new home. We have crafted this testimony on your services as a show of our appreciation to you “Our friends who engaged Marcus’ services, highly recommended him because of his dedication and great design concepts. We wanted aesthetic advices for the design of the dry & wet kitchens, dining area, living room and 3 bedrooms for our new 5-room BTO. We appreciate Marcus’ ability to listen and incorporate our ideas into his design, his timeliness and his commitment. We are very satisfied and truely happy with our new home, and Marcus has made our dream come true! Without hesitation, we will strongly recommend Marcus Toh  to our friends who are looking for interior design solutions.” Hope this simple note will be a blessing to many new home owners! God bless!

Pee Lay & Peng Peng

My husband and I are very pleased with the design and work done by Marcus. He is very detailed and gives good ideas and suggestions. He is also very committed to ensuring our renovations are done properly and timely. The workmanship is good. We would highly recommend Marcus to our friends and relatives.

Mr and Mrs Razak

It has a been joy working with Marcus to design my new Condo.  As I was totally clueless about how to design my house, I left it totally to Marcus to propose and I was most delighted with the final product.  Marcus really went out of his way to help me with getting the place ready, to the extent that he would inform me of suitable furniture that’s on sale for my consideration, he also personally brought me to a furniture store to source for suitable furnitures.  When I missed out on purchasing several tubes of lightings, he personally made a trip to purchase the shortfall so that everything could proceed smoothly.  When there was a special request for uncommon design, he would make the effort to coordinate with this carpenter to meet our needs.  One of the best things about working with Marcus was that he was always available and extremely responsive, attending to my multiple calls for feedback on what to purpose.  After the renovation was done, Marcus has also continued to provide fantastic after-sales service.  Any rectification, which were all minor, was promptly addressed.   I would highly recommend Marcus as your interior designer, if you would like meticulous attention to detail, good service, and peace of mind.

Alex Wong

Working with jubilee interior   Upon getting our own place Ernest and myself were v excited! Actually we have already decided to engage Marcus for renovation works even before we got the place as we have seen his previous works and really like them. Without any hesitation we got Marcus to help us with the reno works.   After viewing our place, Marcus took down some notes and shared w us his ideas on the overall layout of the place. He made several proposals to change the existing layout ie shifting the store so as to enlarge the living area, restructuring the kitchen as well as entrance to the toilets. Both Ernest and myself have minimal knowledge on renovations and we were v delighted at Marcus’ proposals altho we were unable to visualize initially but we trusted his recommendations.   There’s really too much details in renovating our house – starting from the layout, concept, materials and work schedule. Thankful for Marcus if not for him we would be at a lost. He reassured us that he will take us thru step by step.   As for the concept, we do not have something concrete in our minds so Marcus got us to send him some images of what kind of home that we would like. From there he then shared his concept with us which included the use of some bold coloured furnitures. Tho we cannot fully visualized his concept, we still agreed to proceed as we have seen Marcus’ work and trust that he will do a wonderful job in transforming our home to something suitable for us.   After settling the layout and concept, Marcus brought us for tiles selection. The showroom was huge but prior to our arrival Marcus was already there doing his homework! Because of his efforts we don’t have to look thru the entire showroom, we only had to select from those that he already shortlisted for us. Same for other materials, we only had to select from those Marcus shortlisted. That saves us a lot of time and headache. I believed Marcus must have spend a lot of time going thru piles and piles of materials.   Not to mention, Marcus also takes care of applying the necessary from hdb to commence Reno works in our unit. At the same time he settles all the scheduling so we don’t have to worry whether hacking or tiling comes first. In the course of the Reno, Marcus comes by very often to check on the progress and quality of the work done (more often than Ernest & me combined). As the Reno period coincides with our wedding, we left Marcus to take care of majority of our home Reno matters. During the Reno, there were some challenges met but Marcus was able to help us overcome it all.   Shortly after we left for our honeymoon and when we came back the house is ready! We were v pleased at the end results! Although I mentioned that initially we were unable to visualize but wala Marcus made magic and everything turn out v wonderfully even beyond our expectations. Of coz every reno works have its defects here and there. When we feed backed on the defects, Marcus took prompt actions to arrange for his workers to come and touch up on them. Working with Marcus was such a pleasant experience. He has been v willing to hear us explain the type of home that we wanted and was able to understand us tho we did not have anything concrete in mind. Having him take care of the reno works, Ernest and myself can put our mind at ease and focus on our wedding planning. Marcus helps to minimize the time required for us to do research, materials selection and ensure that works goes per schedule. Most importantly though we love the way he transform our place to something that is cozy and where we call home!  

Ernest and Huisan

My renovation project was a 3-room HDB flat that spanned slightly over a month. The overall theme bordered on a simple, industrial-Scandinavian look with a white brick feature wall, laminate wood flooring and contemporary cabinets both in the bedroom and kitchen. Working with Marcus was a pleasure from start to finish. Marcus is always polite, and communication with him is always smooth. He was also swift in answering any queries and doubts that I voiced out. And, because I was almost always busy, I appreciated his patience whenever I didn’t get back to him as quickly. Also, I’m quite happy with Marcus’s recommendations and knowledge on interior design. He suggested a neat geometric feature wall (that complemented the brick wall) and cove lighting embedded in the ceiling, all of which didn’t occur to me prior. I like that Marcus lets me mull his suggestions over, and doesn’t push or oversell anything. Despite being a first-time homeowner, I’ve always felt comfortable explaining or describing the style I wanted for the house. He also advises against any ideas I might have that may not suit the overall theme, or may drum up a hefty bill – all of which I appreciate. The construction and work carried out was also well done. I imagine Marcus pays close attention to detail – something I don’t see when the contractors do their work – but I’ve lived in the flat for close to 6 months now, and I can see that care has been taken to ensure that craftsmanship is good. I understand that at one point of time, the track lighting I purchased weren’t working, so Marcus went down to the store on my behalf to get them changed. This is also much appreciated. The price I paid for the work received was also reasonable, and for the smooth process and industrious care taken to finish it, I’m more than happy with the completed project. Overall, I have no qualms recommending Marcus to anyone who needs someone to look after their renovation project, as I’m sure he’ll do a sterling job with your space as he has with mine.


Before we collected keys for our new house, we were having a headache to find an interior designer. Happen to get to know Marcus through friend’s recommendations and heard all the positive feedback about him, we decided to meet him for a discussion. Ofcourse I talked to other designer as well, but in the end we still decided to engage Marcus because we felt more comfortable and believing that he would deliver a good quality and service. Having a budget for our renovation, Marcus was very caring and recommended some suggestions of what we can do to help us save some money….no any other hidden cost at all. If there is any changes on cost he will always update us first. As we have no experience at all, Marcus patiently recommend a theme for us, he even go to the extend to help us look for some furnitures, lighting and accessories we needed. Due to some misunderstanding, we fixed the accessory at the wrong place and causing an unpleasant sight after it was removed. Marcus insist to give us the best and to leave us with no regrets, he instructed his contractor to fix the problem without any additional charges on us. Now that we have moved in and we sometimes encountered a small problem, Marcus always attended our problem promptly. We often heard of horror stories about after service, with Marcus rest assure you will not have to worry about this…. Thank you Marcus for giving us a cozy and comfortable home….my boys are so happy with our home and we all love it .

Kassim & Yanni

We really want to thank God for Marcus, and his availability, professionalism, ideas, creativity, patience, effort & willingness to take our 1st home as one of his projects. He is really passionate abt his work & take pride in it. The spirit of excellence can be seen in him. Knowing tt we r pre-occupied with work & family, Marcus will go the extra mile and personally go down to the different shops to help us shortlist furnitures, lightings, fans, etc. Even the salespersons marveled @ his services for his clients. Not many designers will do what Marcus did. He is also a designer who would listens & incorporates our requirements into his design. Throughout the entire renovation, we received constant updates on the progress thru messages, pictures and phone calls from Marcus. After completion of the Reno work, he still avail himself to help us in rectifying the defects. We’ll without hesitation engage Marcus as our designer when we purchase our next ppty.

Weixiong and Jingyi